Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by travelling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications, this lift is well suited to environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated.

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The motor is housed on board the unit with no need for a machine room. The folding platform, available in ADA-compliant size, allows easy access to stairs when the lift is not being used, making this a popular choice for schools, churches and other public buildings. This system is battery powered allowing it to operate through a power failure.


  • Applications: Commercial, residential, indoor, outdoor
  • Stair types: Straight, single flight with constant gradient
  • Capacity: 550 lb (250 kg)
  • Optional capacity: 660 lb (300 kg) USA only
  • Nominal speed: 15 feet/minute (0.075 metres/second) to 20 feet/minute (0.1 metres/second)**
  • Minimum travel: 8″ (20 cm)
  • Maximum travel: 80′ (24 m)
  • Motor: 0.66 hp (0.5 kW)
  • Gradient: Constant, 20˚ to 45˚
  • Power supply: 24 volts DC (battery system), 120V AC for charger

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